Haunted Platonism Pt. 2/2

What might it look like to begin to fully restore the Five in a speculative ontology? We have a couple of clues. In the early 1924-5 lectures of Martin Heidegger on Plato’s Sophist the German thinker attempted to read Motion as logos – as the essence ofmortal Dasein unconcealing and exploring being. Rest becomes Ständigkeit […]

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Haunted Platonism Pt 1/2

One thing that has often been pointed out on this blog (start here) is that Eric Voegelin’s Platonic anti-foundationalism is obviously something of a fragile and quixotic venture. Steven McGuire is not mistaken that Voegelin “invites the tendency to objectify the Beyond (even though he constantly warns us against doing so), since it accounts for […]

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And after a long hiatus…

I haven’t written anything for this poor old blog for quite a while now, close on a year in fact. The last post was from November 2018. What galloping acedia! However, as there has been some recent interest in the blog, a couple of emails and so on, I have decided I had better hop […]

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The King’s Ghost

Once again the JHI (Journal of the History of Ideas) has published another fascinating article about political theology. In “Spectral Sovereigns and Divine Subalterns” the guest-contributor Milinda Banerjee, author of the recent book The Mortal God: Imagining the Sovereign in Colonial India, argues that the “spectres of dead kings are haunting the world today”.

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Pickstock Pt 2: Process Platonism

In the first part of this essay we looked closely at the affinities between the Radical Orthodox movement in theology and the ideas of Eric Voegelin in light of Catherine Pickstock’s 2013 book Repetition and Identity (Oxford University Press, Oxford) and its critique of French post-structuralist Gilles Deleuze. We now come to Pickstock’s attempt to rethink a Christian-Platonist process theology of nature through a return to the Theory of Forms.

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