The King’s Ghost

Once again the JHI (Journal of the History of Ideas) has published another fascinating article about political theology. In “Spectral Sovereigns and Divine Subalterns” the guest-contributor Milinda Banerjee, author of the recent book The Mortal God: Imagining the Sovereign in Colonial India, argues that the “spectres of dead kings are haunting the world today”.

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Could A State Make A Stone…?

In this post we look at the paradoxical political theology of the Sovereign (God, state, person, society) which uses its freedom to undermine its own freedom.

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Pickstock Pt 2: Process Platonism

In the first part of this essay we looked closely at the affinities between the Radical Orthodox movement in theology and the ideas of Eric Voegelin in light of Catherine Pickstock’s 2013 book Repetition and Identity (Oxford University Press, Oxford) and its critique of French post-structuralist Gilles Deleuze. We now come to Pickstock’s attempt to rethink a Christian-Platonist process theology of nature through a return to the Theory of Forms.

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Parousia Without Apocalypse?

In his famous argument with Carl Schmitt about the legitimacy of modernity and secularisation Hans Blumenberg in an aside observes that: “one has to be surprised, in any case, that among the many recorded instances of the secularization thesis, the concept of a person plays no special role, indeed hardly appears at all.” Roberto Esposito’s Two: The Machine of Political Theology and the Place of Thought may well have  begun to fix this oversight.

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 Pickstock pt 1: The Failed Millennium of Difference

A while back now we started a series on process philosophy and the ideas of Eric Voegelin titled “Process and the Derailing of Reality.” Here’s a second part, in two long portions, both about 9000 words each. Happy reading!  This two-part essay is an attempt to produce a Voegelinian commentary on Catherine Pickstock’s 2013 book […]

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The Devil and the Freedom Trap.

Not so long ago I was in a book shop purchasing one of Italian “political theologist” Giorgio Agamben’s books. As I passed the book across to be scanned, the bookseller, a wiry old fellow, told me that I might be interested in another book called The Prince of This World, which he had recently read but sadly did not have in stock. It was all about the devil and “neo-liberalism”, he said. Dead good. It certainly sounded it.

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